The time has come to reflect on what worked and what we can do better, learn that knowledge and apply it to today’s social and political environment. 

It is our undertaking to use our personal collective experience and expertise; take carriage of this historical wisdom and drive it forward to impact social change for a better life for our next generation of Aboriginal Australia. 

This will be achieved by way of an innovative and creative tact - arming ourselves with a ‘forefront’ mentality & methodology and proficiently delivering it via all-inclusive and effective practises. In doing so, create a shift that will bring about a real sense unification of our nations and our people. 

We are the stone that sharpens the cutting-edge of Aboriginal Advancement. 

Ambitious? Yes. Bold? Most definitely. 

But it should come as no surprise, for it’s in our nature – innovate, adapt, endure, excel. This is the essence of our culture. We learnt from our surroundings, the habits of others and the changes in the seasons. We studied the consequences of our actions and learnt how to extract what we needed while maintaining the order of things. 

This process repeated and refined from generation to generation. We weren’t born survivors, we learnt to survive. 

Same mentality – different environment. 


Boomalli Consulting has over fifteen years industry (business/ employment development) and life skills through culture and family that enable the company to engage and work collaboratively with Indigenous business owners, community and aspirants. 

Its focus is the development and progression of Aboriginal people and community and this dedication takes the company across many social and economic development sectors. 

The company prides itself on its reputation to deliver outcomes in the multi-faceted Aboriginal affairs sector that aligns with community needs and priorities but delivered in with a method that is culturally responsive and respectful. The company is well renowned and sought after due to its high level consultation, program development skills and cultural expertise.

Shannon Barnes (pictured on righthand side)


Shannon Barnes

Managing Director and Founder 

Shannon is a proud Ngiyampaa woman, bringing to the company a powerful combination of strong cultural respect and experience coupled with demonstrated high-level business development capacity. Shannon holds qualifications in Business Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Community Consultation and Conflict Resolution. Her career has taken her across many sectors including community services, business development (state government) and the manufacturing industry (international company). 

Shannon has spent the last eight years working across New South Wales for many prominent Aboriginal entities building a reputation for the company that has gained recognition across the state for its development, delivery and engagement methods. 

Shannon herself has been nominated for a Reconciliation Australia Award and Aboriginal Australian of the Year in 2016