Boomalli Consulting demonstrates wide experience in all aspects of enterprise/community capacity development, community analysis, youth development & mentoring (pathway support), parental engagement and empowerment in Indigenous communities.

Our services include:

• Cultural Appreciation Training and Design

• Marketing, Promotional and Strategy Development

• School based program development and delivery

• Employment Services development and delivery

• Recruitment Performance Management 

• Community Consultation and Facilitation

• Management Assistance

• Mentoring

• Business Planning & Capacity Support

• Project Planning and Development

• Original Art and Designs

• Suite of Cultural programs for youth

• Policy Development

• Brand Development

• Strategic Planning 

• Feasibility Studies

• Event Management 

• Youth Services


Department of Industry & Science 

Boomalli delivered workshop for the Working in Partnership Project in Broken Hill. The two day workshop’s aim was to provide discuss and provide solutions for regional specific challenges faced in economic growth and employment with the local Aboriginal community. The two day event focussed on; 

• Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly (MPRA) - showcasing the role of the MPRA in its advocacy and advisory role 

• Prominent Local Aboriginal groups 

• Government Departments with portfolio ’s that support employment, business and training sectors 

• Mining Industry 

• Aboriginal business owners 

• Creating an outcome paper to assist in possible joint venture opportunities within the community and surrounds of Broken Hill 

Facilitation of the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly 

This NGO Forum in Bourke, NSW was initiated by the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly (MPRA), NSW State Government – Aboriginal Affairs, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) and supported by other Government sectors in Health, Law & Justice, Education, Training and Workplace Relations. 

The event was host to over one hundred participants from a wide range of NGO’s servicing the Murdi Paaki region. The forum aimed to map the service provision to our people in the Murdi Paaki region and allow for further consultation to improve and implement a communication protocol as well as develop monitoring and evaluation tools. The two half day event focussed on; 

• Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly 

• Showcasing the advocacy and advisory role of the MPRA as the primary reporting source for government’s regional outcomes. 

• Communication and engagement between stakeholders 

• Monitoring and Evaluation regional direction 

• Government Building Blocks – Closing the Gap 

• Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly Regional Plan objectives 

• Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly – new Regional Partnership Agreement responsibilities 

New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council 

Boomalli in 2016 finished delivery Planning Workshops for to all 120 Local Aboriginal Land Councils. The workshops provided exposure to the elements of writing a successful Strategic Plan for CEO’s, Board and members to successful plan for the future of their organisation. Boomalli also developed a tool kit and provided these to each of the LALC’s for future use and reference. Boomalli’s feedback from all in attendance were of positive response. Most notable was the relevance and clarity of information provided through the workshops as well as the company’s cultural appropriateness. 

Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly Regional Plan 

Development of the MPRA Regional Plan and support to review fourteen of the MPRA community’s, Community Action Plans. The project incorporated researching and liaising with key stakeholders to develop a Strategic Plan across many social sectors impacting Aboriginal people in the Murdi Paaki region. 

Parents & Carers Engagement (PACE) Project 

Boomalli successfully ran five PACE projects that covered an advanced integration of parents and carers into their young peoples school environment. Successfully working with local community members, resources and culturally aligned educational tools were developed and placed into schools as well as conducting  a review of all schools within the Murdi Paaki region which resulted in an Outcome Paper to address the educational needs and service gaps impacting Aboriginal students in the Murdi Paaki region.

SUREWAY Employment & Training 

Tasked to design an appropriate model to deliver Cultural Awareness Training to Sureway staff and management that can be delivered Nationally. 

This is inclusive of a broadened cultural awareness brief but also contained specifically designed elements that allow for the localisation of each community to be amalgamated into the base elements. Cultural Awareness designed by Boomalli was constructed to not only further participant’s knowledge, appreciation and exposure to Aboriginal culture but to also maximise stakeholder, client and internal relationships. 

Provide culturally appropriate and responsive mentoring to job participants, that enhances the individuals self-development and determination. 

Cultural Awareness 

Cultural awareness and reflective exchange program with all stakeholders engaging Boomalli to provide an understanding of Aboriginal Culture, history and community. This program is written for all sectors and can be delivered to Government agencies, service providers, schools and businesses. Not just a historical lesson it provides an entry to engaging community in a culturally respectful manner, tools and best practice to ensure successful and community aligned partnership creation to provide progress and sustainable outcomes for our people.

Closing the Gap Review Taskforce - Prime Minister & Cabinet 

Boomalli was contracted by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to facilitate workshops on a national level to review the last decade of Closing the Gap and commence consultation to set priorities for the next era of Aboriginal Affairs across Australia. Proudly Boomalli was the only independent facilitator to be engaged to work on all open rounds of the review.

Youth Services and Cultural Programs

Boomalli proudly offers and delivers to all schools, service providers and community the following youth activities and educational programs. 

• Youth Cultural Camps

• Artefact Information Sessions

• Mentoring

• Echoes of Country - strong young mens program

• Bila-Dhi for youth aspiration building

• Cultural workshops in: Aboriginal art, yidaki - making and playing, coolamon/clap-stick/boomerang design and contemporary dance.

Boomalli School Transition Program 

This program offered participants the opportunity to have an individually tailored transition plan to support them in their journey from school to work or further tertiary educationwith a continuation onto potential employment or further study in this field. Working with 70 students across 6 communities, this unique project offers individual sessions and is aimed at providing the student with holistic services. 

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Bila-dhi Pre-employment Program 

Design and deliver a specific model of pre-employability skills to Aboriginal participants prior to job placement. 

Boomalli’s area of expertise is modelling specific program design to empower individuals to maximise their personal development was tailored to include practical and innovative employability skills coupled with cultural knowledge.

Boomalli has successfully delivered this program across three states in the employment sector.

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