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Ngiyampaa – Keewong Mob
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Khan Barnes

Khan Barnes is a proud Ngiyampaa man descendant of Jimmy Keewong and Kitty Nerange. Khan is well known for his commitment to making traditional artefacts and his youth work. Khan through his family, practices his culture and over the last two years, moved into cultural workshops and cultural practice through his artefact making. He is proudly perfecting his wood making skills to produce pieces of high quality with an individual flair, taking only what is needed and restoring and enhancing natures natural markings and shape within each piece.

Khan continues to grow his artistic expression aligned with his cultural responsibility and respect as a First Nation’s man.

Ngiyampaa – Keewong Mob

The Ngiyampaa (pronounced nee-yam-par) are dryland people. Ngiyampaa Country takes in the plains and rocky hills east of the Darling River, extending north from Willandra Creek.

Cultural Career Highlights

  • Boomalli Community Activities - Community youth guest speaker – Brewarrina Community 
  • Boomalli Transition Project – Youth Support and Mentor
  • Tradeshow week youth mentor and support worker.
  • Boomalli Strategic Planning and Community Capacity Building Workshops
  • Various Tradeshows, Market Stalls and Cultural Camps/Activities
  • Has supported many Aboriginal tradeshows for Boomalli Consulting.
  • Boomalli Youth Delegate for engagement with ABQ Biopark, New Mexico, USA.

Khan graduated in 2020 and was the proud recipient of the prestigious, Nanga Mai Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Speaking. He is now working in the family business furthering his knowledge and experience.

Explore my work!

Khan Barnes teaching a group of school students
Khan Barnes helping a school student present
Khan Barnes watching over a group of school kids playing
Group of school kids work group art made with Boomalli creative
Khan Barnes helping a school student present
Hunter and Khan Barnes educating in a school
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