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“I work with diligence and responsibility to cultural lore, practice and protocol. I am renowned for establishing and implementing initiatives through my diligent approach to community consultation, cultural appropriateness and professionalism.”

Our vision

“In honour of our Mothers and Fathers who fought for the rights & privileges we enjoy today; we pay tribute to their struggle & sacrifice and pledge to continue the fight in their name.”
Kangaroo drawing

Shannon Barnes — Founder

Boomalli Creative is led by Shannon Barnes

Shannon is a proud Ngiyampaa woman, bringing to the company a powerful combination of strong cultural respect and experience, coupled with demonstrated high-level business development capacity. 

Some of our past and present clients include.
Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services  Boomalli Consulting Running a Services

Through our experience we create the social change we need for the future.

It is our undertaking to use our personal collective experience and expertise; take carriage of this historical wisdom and drive it forward to impact social change for a better life for our next generation of Aboriginal Australia. 

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Hunter Barnes - Creator - Light

Shannon Barnes and families home land —



Hear from the Community

Check out a few of Boomalli Creative's testimonials.

Learn about Boomalli
Rachael Shearer - Secondary Teacher Collarenebri School
Boomalli School Transition Program

As a long term teacher in Collarenebri and community member the Boomalli transition program has already seen students who were chronic non-attenders now at school by 9am and over 85% attendance. For all students involved, there has been a marked increase in their willingness to participate in class and an overall improvement in their confidence.

Parents and carers came up to me in the week after the art workshop so impressed and amazed at the journey work completed with Boomalli.  Students were holding their artwork and showing others with pride and explaining why and what they painted.

Students were interacting and most enjoyed their workshop with Gummy and Kara. They all can’t wait to visit the gym and can see a career in sport (not just as a national football star).

One student has said ‘Miss it’s so nice to learn from young aboriginal leaders and see what they are doing’. ‘Miss when is our next workshop and I want to get a job like that someday’.

In particular we have a male student who has had a ‘rollercoaster’ life so to say and he is still talking about his time with Boomalli’s artist and showed a significant natural talent in art. For a student who could only concentrate in class for a max 15 - 25min he stayed all day and is now attempting work in other classes.

Denise Kelly - AEO and Wellington Community member
Home Reader development – PACE Project St Mary’s Wellington

The program allowed for us to produce our own childrens stories told by Elders in our community. The children listened, wrote and illustrated these and the program has allowed us to print runs of the four best and put them into the cultural resource packs as a home reader option.

We have also put into classrooms floormats produced by students in an Aboriginal design which has been another celebration through PACE for our students.

Sam Jeffries - Chairperson Murdi Paaki Regioanl Assembly
Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly Regional

To Whom It May Concern:                    
Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly has worked extensively in the past with Boomalli Consulting and supports the application for business development services.

Many communities determine the progression of economic participation, creation and further development under the guidance of the Community Working Party and the Assembly at a regional level and their relationship with Boomalli Consulting is based on past outcomes, the company’s culturally appropriate approach and trust.

The Assembly writes this letter of support due to the professionalism it has encountered through working with this Aboriginal owned and operated business and would utilise this service should it be successful in its application to provide; initial business analysis, feasibility studies, business plan’s and on-going business mentor services to its sixteen communities in the Murdi Paaki region. Or for programs that support Aboriginal people and communities.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further confirmation of our support. Regards, William (Sam) Jeffries – Chairperson

Margaret De Veau - Operations Manager, Dubbo Sureway Employment and Training
SUREWAY Employment & Training

Good morning, Shannon,

Thanks again for delivering a great work shop yesterday, you both have certainly left a positive exchange/footprint with our team members.

Loved Aunty Coral she was a hit, everyone wants to hear her stories on location /country she did a brilliant job! Your family members are certainly blessed to have such a lady of wisdom & inspiration personally I felt such a connection with her she reminded me of my grandmother.

The foundations, insight & direction of the correct pathway to your community has been laid out in a logical manner, very interesting & personally I enjoyed every step, thanks heaps. Moving forward, I trust you are able to set up further ongoing workshops whereby the staff maybe able to share some of their scenarios & on the ground challenges, providing solutions will be so beneficial to our business needs.

Again, many thanks & warm regards to Aunty Coral, looking forward to working together & gaining traction in this arena.

Improving stronger & consistent relationship with Aboriginal communities will certainly be of benefit for our clients & our overall business. Boomalli Consulting you are simply …… first class.

Stylin Up Entertainment, Sydney
Chrissy’s Island Family Murdi Paaki Tour 2013 – Stylin Up Entertainment

Hi Shannon,

Christine Anu and our team at Stylin Up Entertainment are grateful for everything you have done thus far for us. It’s a great partnership and we look forward to working with you on Stylin Up Mentoring and taking Chrissy’s Island Family across Australia.

Who Boomalli Trust

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