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Shannon has taken Boomalli to where it is today through sacrifice, hard-work, drive and determination.

Shannon is a proud Ngiyampaa woman, she founded Boomalli in 2011 as a single mother of four. Her tenacious attitude and steadfast dedication to her people has enabled the company to work at an international level. Proudly Boomalli is now a family run business, culture moving from generation to generation.

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Shannon Barnes with her uncle

Shannon holds qualifications in Business Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Community Consultation and Conflict Resolution. Her career has taken her across many sectors including community services, business development (state government) and the manufacturing industry (international company).

Shannon has spent the last twelve years working across Australia in all States and Territories, for many prominent Aboriginal entities. Her presence and work ethic has built a reputation for the company that has gained recognition across the country for its development, delivery and engagement methods.

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Shannon herself has been nominated for a Reconciliation Australia Award and Aboriginal Australian of the Year in 2016 for her dedication to the progression of Aboriginal communities and a finalist in the AusMumpreneur of the year awards in 2018.

Shannon is a strong independent single mother of four. She is very proud that her children have moved into working with the family-owned company. From humble beginnings, Shannon has taken Boomalli to where it is today through sacrifice, hard-work, drive and determination. 

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“I work with diligence and responsibility to cultural lore, practice and protocol. I am renowned for establishing and implementing initiatives through my diligent approach to community consultation, cultural appropriateness and professionalism. As an Aboriginal company owner, I work to one ethic - to honour my Ancestors.”

- Shannon Barnes
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