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Like Country is all encompassing so is Boomalli’s services.

Boomalli Creative covers service in the follow categories:
Community Based Services
Corporate Based Services
Personal Development Services
Design Consulting

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Boomalli Creative service matrix

Community Based Services

Boomalli is a multi-faceted company that has an extensive suite of programs, workshops and resources available to all sectors.

Boomalli is engaged for its cultural exchange, strategic planning, employment strategy development and reconciliation action plan development in collaboration with senior level staff within the employment sector outside of its job-seeker programs and services. Boomalli is Supply Nation certified and has an extensive portfolio of work to showcase its experience and quality in producing RAP, Strategic (local/regional/state) plans, Aboriginal Employment Strategies etc.

  • Mural design
  • Aboriginal Journey/Narrative Art Group Sessions, 
  • Aboriginal Artefact Information Sessions
  • Didgeridoo making 
  • Clapstick making
  • Coolamon making
  • Mentoring and personalised plans for young people
  • Community/School events, assemblies, showcases etc

‍Corporate Based Services

Boomalli has demonstrated high-level consultation, facilitation, and networking experience at a national level. The company has extensive experience in Business Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Community Consultation and Conflict Resolution. A decade long respected relationship across all sectors including community services, business development, health, housing, environment, conservation, education, employment, and service provision.

The company is proud to have worked the last twelve years to an international level as well as across Australia in all States and Territories. Its presence and work ethic has built a reputation as a company that has gained recognition across the country for its development, delivery and engagement methods. 

  • Marketing & Promotional Strategy development 
  • Recruitment performance management 
  • Business Planning & Capacity Support 
  • Project Planning & Design 
  • Policy Development 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Feasibility Studies

Personal Development Services 

Twenty years experience in business management and a decade long of owning and operating Boomalli. Business insight comes with lived experience in the business sector that is proven by longevity of same…

Go with a company that is driven by the founder. Stood the test of time and has established experience and business relationships. For more information contact us today!

  • Business feasibility study, plan, development or support
  • Business Management System design and implementation
  • Marketing and Brand development
  • Social Media management 

Design Consulting

Tailor made programs developed by First Nations people for their communities and people.

Programs written by me and implemented across three states:

  • Bila-Dhi (My river) Personal Development Workshop - adopted across three States in the Employment Sector
  • Echo’s of Country  - Self development model for youth at risk
  • Connected Journey’s - building roads between Aboriginal community and corporate
  • Boomalli Cultural Exchange - Cultural Awareness training delivered across Corporate, Not-For-Profit, Government Departments and private business in three States of Australia.

Want to learn more about tailor made programs, send an enquiry to the team!

  • Original Art Design 
  • Graphic Design Services

Shannon Barnes and families home land —